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Make bingo simple again!

It's always been our opinion here at Bingo Shops that it is best to keep a website format simple and easy to navigate from a user point of view. This is something that all too often is completely lacking in the online bingo industry. There are 100's of sites in UK alone dedicated to the game, and they all constantly bombard players with a flood of advertising. Something which we consider to be counterproductive after a while. People simply become blind to the banners, the pop-ups the mailers, and text messages - or very annoyed. This advertisement policy that appears to be adopted unquestioningly by the industry is probably a result of the fierce competition that exists between different sites. Nonetheless, with an ever saturated market place, rather than copying what your competitors are doing, it might be best to try something completely different.

New strategy

What affiliate managers, and network managers don't grasp is that if their clientele truly enjoy a certain product, they will without a doubt return to it. Rather than bombard people with the same promotional messages that every other sites does as well, it would be wiser to attempt a more understated approach to presenting what your site has to offer. Better still, it would be better to review what it is that works on your site, or what your site lacks and try and improve on it. As has been mentioned above, most sites running on various networks are basically all copies of each other with a different packaging. This approach may have worked once, but bingo players have become wise to this, and one look at the comments on a review at an online bingo site such as bet365, will demonstrate clearly the level of discord amongst players with some sites.

transparency is key

For example, many sites are willing to entice players by chucking loads of free money at them, with huge deposit or even signup bonuses. However, these bonuses can almost never be taken at face value. Almost certainly when you read the terms and conditions, you will encounter draconian wagering and withdrawal rules which can make it practically impossible to get your money out. Regardless of whether or not these rules are clearly stated (sometimes not), it leaves players feeling cheated; and you can be sure that they will complain vociferously. In this example it wouldn't take much to create a system that is both transparent and simple. Something that bettors can trust, not to con them out of their winnings. It would seem to us that the key to winning players is to change the game strategy to simpler system that everyone can understand. If this is really feasible remains to be seen. Although all it will take is for one site to be successful and others will follow suit.




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